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part name (bumper part)


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I think you want this...

Bushing 51115470025 - that's the part #.

It is the rubber piece that attaches to the body, and the brackets that attach the bumpers to the frame of the car run through them. Is that what you're needing? I personally find it challenging to describe car parts in words.

This would be for chrome bumper cars.

I just bought two from BLUNT earlier this year when I re-did the bumpers on my '72. They are about $4 each, or something like that.

Again, this applies to chrome bumper cars, if your car is a 74 or later, it probably has something very different, but I don't know.


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that is it! I have a 71 02 and it has euro bumpers. could you reply with the contact info for blunt. are you talking about blunttech? the reason I need these parts is because I am doing a rechrome.

another thing....do you happen to know if the bumperettes/bumper overriders are exchangable in relation to front and back? In other words, can I move the driver side front bumper and move it to the back?

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You can contact Steve at Blunttech: steve@blunttech.com

I've bought a lot of parts from him over the years, he is recommended highly.

Not sure re your question. I'm inclined to say "no" but your car is earlier than mine, and I'm not 100% certain, so I don't want to steer you wrong. Someone else will show up to illuminate, no doubt.


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