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possible new 74 02tii owner (Looking for opinions)


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Hello all, I am the possible new owner of what could be gem, or project nightmare of an 02tii. I would love to be the proud new owner of one of these beauties, but I have my concerns...

The short version of the back story is this, I live in Massachusetts, and my dad has a friend who lives in Florida where this car is currently stored in a garage. His friend needs to finally get rid of the car and it could become ours (my dad and I) for cheap. And the photos of the car I had seen were the first 3 (and only those 3 for quite some time). I believe from the day it went into storage.

Normally just the fact that I can’t see the car in person would make me say not but they price is pretty much what ever cost to get it running and to get it up here to Massachusetts.

The car has been in storage at Eibell Performance in Florida for 4 or 5 years now. Anyone know the place?

Now for the part that is making me second guess myself (the last 2 photos)....RUST....

Some how those two photos have been around for about a year, but somehow never made it to my eyes until yesterday. Where my excitement went from "WOW I NEED THIS NOW WHY IS THS NOT IN OUR DRIVEWAY", to "I'm not sure if i have the capability of fixing that"

My capability with the mechanical side of fixing are car I am confident i can deal with most anything, and what i don’t know I at least have a friend or two i could lean on for help.

So I have a year old photos of the worst rust/damage on the car.

But body work is something that I have zero experience with and would have to pay someone to do for me (with zero idea of what to expect I would have to pay, maybe that’s the worst part about it). Which is why the last two photos worry me, and I don’t have a clue what i would be getting into, so that’s what I’m trying to figure out now.

Basically I am asking can anyone give me some guidance or knowledge on what it takes to fix something like that. Costs and such, is it possible to fix with out going all the way to media blasting the tub, or if it does go that far how much does that normally cost, and then repairs? Really body work I am truly ignorant to what it takes and costs to fix. Even crossed my mind is that enough rust to warrant finding a new body.

Maybe I’m just unnecessarily scared of that orange, red, brown devil (rust) due to lack of experience. Or maybe I should run for my life i just don’t know.

I’m also having a hard time because I really can’t see how big those spots are, just really bad references in the pictures.

Next on my list is to find and call some body shops and see if i can get a clue on costs, but without the actually car i have a feeling that’s going to be easier said than done. Also does anyone know of good body shops, I live in central mass so pretty much most of New England would be open for me?

Thanks for any insight or opinions. On what kind of project I could be getting myself into.

looks like a gem here, maybe a couple small areas rust but nothing major




rust....looks like driver side by wheel wells to me.



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given the present 2000 mile distance, and it not being on a lift

right here in front of us right now - your 'prices' to fix it run

from $3000 to $15000 - no one can give you an accurate

estimate. Once the car is on a lift in the shop that is going to

do the restoration - then you might get close to an estimate

that both you and the shop owner can count on.

Contact Matt McGinn of http://www.sports-car-restoration.com/

in central Connecticut - you can drop the car off

on your way back to Mass - he'll give you an accurate estimate.

If you can't afford to move forword - then you pick the car up,

drag it back to home, and place a free ad elsewhere

in this site to sell it as " non running restoration project " For Sale.

Maybe cheep to go pick up - but a fortune to fix.

And we haven't addressed what's wrong with it mechanically......




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1. Perhaps there's a fine soul on the FAQ who lives near enough to the car who would be willing to lay eyeballs on it and tell you what you don't see in the pictures. That might confirm for you whether to run screaming in the opposite direction, or become a 2002 owner.

2. What's the history of the car? Did it spend many years in Massachusetts (or some other salt state) before it went to Florida, or is it basically a Florida car? That will make a big difference in "some" rust or "rust bucket."

3. You can learn bodywork. I took an evening auto body course at our local vocational high school for several years--learned more in one semester than I had managed to teach myself in 15 years. It's actually a lot of fun, and even if you don't have painting facilities other than your driveway, you should be able to find a body shop that will paint the car for you after you've done the bodywork.

4. Remember that a tii has mechanical fuel injection--kinda tricky to work with, but once set up properly will stay in tune for a long time. And there are plenty of resources, both printed and on the FAQ to help you with that.

Bottom line: find someone to put eyes on the car, assess your willingness to learn/ability to pay someone to make the car right, then decide.

Cheers & good luck


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I'm a firm believer in finding the most complete and straight body you can. Mechanical work is child s play compared to rust and body restoration. On the other hand, if you can get the car for cheap and you are looking for a project car, here's your chance. Take a look through the project blog section of this forum. There you'll find plenty of 02 owners who have been, done that regarding tii restoration. Since you live in the salt belt, your choices of finding a decent 02 are limited. Either you pay big bucks for a rust free example or you travel a long distance outside the rust belt (CA) to find a decent 02 for a good price. In CA, that tii would probably be a parts car but we are spoiled out here with no rust.


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I doubt if you could jack this car up in the air without doing serious damage.How much is cheap??? The cancer can be fixed but your talking huge $$$$$$. Remember those rust structures are what give the body strength.I would suspect people have passed on buying this car... If cheap enough think parts car???

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Call the shop where it stored and ask them to look it over and send more photos. It's worth $50 to get some detailed shots.

I agree with previous post concerning "finding the best chassis you can becaise the mechanicals are childs play compared to the body issues". I've had two restorations done and the body work can add up in both time and dollars.

If you bring it back, CD's suggestion of stopping at Matt's is excellent advice. If you want to see how he works, check out www.sports-car-restoration.com My car is the turbo. Spend some time looking at how you uncover the rust on these cars.

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