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low beam headlight issue.


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hey all~

I have a 1974, 2002.

So my low beam headlights will not come on. The high beams work fine.

I've check most connections i can see including switching the relays around from high to low beam slots and still nothing.

Seems odd that they would both go out at the same time. I pull the headlight knob on dash and running lights come on,

but no headlamps.

please help. any suggestions?

thanks all,


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Guest Anonymous

I know that one of the three icecube relays on the drivers side of the inside fender is a 'crosover' relay. I think that switches the high beam from low beam. Make sure it clicks when you pull the stalk.

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I had the same issue with my '71. It turned out to be the high low dip switch on the steering column, burnt wire and contact for the low beam side. Not sure if the '74 is wired the same, but the '71 dosen't use a relay.

Steve t.

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Well, continuity just means you have an electrical path, a complete circuit.

With a DMM (digital multi-meter) you are likely to have a continuity setting. With this, the DMM sends a small electrical signal out, if the switch, fuse, circuit or whatever has a proper electrical path, the signal returns to the DMM completing a cicuit within which either lights an indicator, or more commonly, sounds an audible tone or buzzer.

With an analog meter (which you really shouldn't use) or even with a DMM, you can also check continuity using the resistance or Ohms (Ω) setting. Touching the leads to the circuit and ground, if you get a high reading on the analog, or an Infinity pic on the DMM display ( ) then you have an open circuit and no continuity. Any other value indicates a closed circuit or continuity.

That said, your issue seems to be different than the OP.

In your case, it does indeed sound like the crossover relay, crossover relay circuit, or the Turn Signal stalk on the steering column.

The Low beams and the high beams each have their own switch. Low Beam on the dash and High Beam on the column as part of the Turn Signal/High Beam/High Beam Flash switch.

Since the OP has High Beams, you can pretty much eliminate the crossover relay and circuits as well as the column combo switch. That leaves the dash Low Beam switch, fuses, wiring, etc. Since both lights are affected, it sounds like the Dash switch to me.


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+1 Check the stalk switch. I just had the same issue and fixed it with a new highbeam/low beam stalk.

...if you don't have relays for the headlights, consider installing them, and fuses inline. It took me burning a second dip switch to start listening to my 02 elders on this point.

check this out http://www.bmw2002faq.com/content/view/50/32/

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' 74s have both high and low beam relays - the little units (3) just above the battery. One is for the horn(s), one for high beams, and the third is for the low beams. When both low beams go out at the same time it usually is not the fuses, because the right and left lows are on seperate fuses.

If you do not already have one I'd suggest getting a Haynes repair manual for the 2002s. They're in the $15-20 range and cover a wealth of info. I believe they're available on Amazon, or most auto parts stores can order them for you.

Bob Napier

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