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Windshield tint question


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Hi, I'm preparing to finsh a Granada '68 2002 paint job and am ready to install the windshield(s). Some questions:

1. For original, can I use clear, green or blue/gray tint?

2. If I use a tint on the front, do I need to use it on the sides and/or rear?

3. Can I use a rear heated glass as original?

4. I understand that a green tint was an option, did that mean all glass came green or just the front?

Thank you for any help!!

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If you want a tinted windshield, IMHO, get a tinted windshield.

Adding a window tint kit will not hold up with time and will be difficult to remove or replace in time. Also, cleaning it will build up a bunch of scratches on the tint film. This will really give you trouble at night.

OEM tinted windshields are available overseas for certain, and maybe here (I have not seen any domestic, though I've not actually searched for them).


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I may be totally biased, living in Arizona (where we have 350 days of sun each year), but personally I think a lot depends on the quality of the tint/application.

I've thought seriously about having it done also (more a greenish or smoked/Old School RayBan look as opposed to black), but share lots of the same concerns about keeping the original glass intact. The sun is brutal out here though - on 35+year old interiors, and on one's skin.

I would try to find a shop that you trust, and ask if you could see examples of work they've done on exotics. Also, remember to check with local laws, to make sure your tint is not too dark as to be illegal. Perhaps you could ask if the tint is removable, if things start to peel off later. Ask to see samples placed against your window, to see how it matches up. And lastly, ask what their warranty is like.

Good Luck!


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I'm also in Arizona and my tints been on the side and rear windows for 20+ yrs. No scratches or delaminating. Went to a long time shop that guanrantees their work forever. Problem? Bring it back and they replace it, though I've never had to.

Clean tint with a mixture of 20% alcohol/80% distilled water, using a sponge, and you won't damage it, assuming good quality film.

Bob Napier

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Hi, yes, I want to know what is original. I will not "tint" the glass with a covering, I'm planning on using the original glass already tinted. The glass is available from BMW in clear, green or gray. I really want to know if the green option in 1968 meant that all windows were tinted or just the front (or back). The heated question is also if the rear window had a heated option in '68..

Again, I would use new glass, not putting a film over current glass.

Thanks !!

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OK, so my research at this point says that for 1968, green tint on all windows was an option, otherwise it was clear on all windows - could not mix green with clear on the same car. Also the rear heater was available in green as an option.

Thanks all.

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If your doing it yourself all you need is the tint, soap and water mixture, razor blade and a squeegee. Take your time and do your research. Tried doing the two drivers side windows and I ended up wasting the two rolls of tint that I had bought. One would have been enough to do both windows. I ended up taking the car to a professional that charged mt 35 for the two front windows. By me in NYC they will tint your whole car for 100 with full warranty.

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