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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

SoCal Vintage is Here! 

Post your photos!

dual vac advance on a 73.


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Guest Anonymous

Thought it about it a bit more. Consider this. When you set the dist on the smogged car you set it with the retard activated. 0 deg. TDC is then in a retarded position many degrees (8-10 deg I think). From that position, the shop manual requires 51 deg of advance from the dist under load conditions. If you use that vacuum advance without the retard side, your total advance is less. And the position of the distributor when at 0 TDC will be different.

Make sure that your engine doesnt require 51 degrees of advance and that you can position the dist with advance installed at the 0 TDC position.

If those requirements are met it should work.

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