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AME mag wheel info /info on center caps


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In the 1980's when I had my 1st '02, I bought a set of American Racing 14 inch mag wheels for it. I always liked the "sawblade" uni-directional look they had and I wanted another set for my present '02, but my old ones were 14 inch and I wanted to go to 15 inch. I've seen very few of these style wheels for sale anywhere so asking for this style wheel in 15 inch seamed like a lot to ask.

So I was cruising through CL and saw an add for "AME 15 inch 4x 100 mags" at a very reasonable price nearby. I called the guy and asked about offset (what's that?) and he said they were off an old VW GTI. I did some research and they could have been either 33,35 or 38mm off set. Any of the offsets I could work with by using spacers. I went and got then and they measured out to 35mm. My 14 inch Bottlecaps have 33mm off set so these should work and fit fine. They are 15 X 6 ET35 and I have no clearance issues at all. The tires on the rims are 195/60 and look big but will be replaced with 195/50. The larger profile tires look like they may rub at the front (valance panel), but there should be enough room with the 50 series tires.

These rims are pretty cool as they have "swirly" vents on the back side to push/pull air and the "swirlys" actually "start" at the center cap area(little air vents can be seen at the edge of the center cap area).

Anybody have any leads on AME center caps or links to AME wheels?




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Can't tell from your pics if the whole center section uses a cover or if it is just over the dust cap portion in the very center...

AME wheels are made by Enkei, so maybe an Enkei cap would fit properly...

Hope this helps, unique wheels... haven't ever seen those before!

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Cool, Thanks for the info.

The wheels do have AME and Enkei cast in the backs of them. They also have left and right (sides) cast in them. Either my American Racing wheels (blue car) had different venting cast in them or I had then on the wrong side. The "sawblades" face the other way on the AR wheels.

According to fleabay pricing, the center caps must be made of gold. I'll eventually get some center caps, but at the fleabay prices, they will cost me more than the wheels did.

I'm sure another set of these wheels could be found. It took me about a year of "semi-looking" with the half hearted notion of " it would be nice to find another set of those wheels". I found my set of CL and I paid the measly price of $100 for the set and I'm very happy with the purchase.

Omni GLH ?

Ohh the humanity... :)

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