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72 2002tii gas gauge problems


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Discovered that the gauge was stuck at about 3/4 by running out of gas. Mechanic checked the sender - OK, he thought. Picked the car up. Put in 10 gal gas. Now stuck at about 1/8. When ground wire at sender removed, gauge goes to bottom. Voltage between the wires at the sender is 7.4 with the engine running and the wires disconnected. Ohms is 54 between the terminals on the sender with no connection to wires. Gauge, sender or board? I have been sorting the electrical system out. The temp gauge will work, then randomly peg to top, then flutter, then settle down. Send the combo gauge and board to North Hollywood for a checkup? Or check fuel sender again? Would like to rule the sender out.

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1. Have you grounded your gas and temp gauges? Flickering gauges is a sign that the factory ground in getting dodgy. Make up a Y-shaped ground wire; put a terminal under each of the two small brass nuts on the backside of the temp/gas gauge housing, then run the other end to a known good ground on the body. That should stop gauge flickering.

2. On the sender unit: remove carefully and examine the hair-fine wire that the float slides up and down. Use carb cleaner and a cotton ball to ever so gently clean the wire and the brass contacts on the float. Make sure the float moves freely. To test, with the sender out of the car, connect the hot lead and ground with jumper wires, and slowly move the float up and down the resistance wires while someone watches the gauge. Gauge should move when you do this.

I've been looking for a source for the resistance wire--it's supposed to be 6 ohms per inch but so far no luck...

cheers & good luck


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