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Why do I have a Tii clock?

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My 1976 '02 has the same clock (not-working) that is shown in the FAQ on Tii Clock Repair.

The VIN (though it is on a non-original/salvage title VIN tag in the engine bay) is 2375600.

Just wondering if this clock was an option on non-Tii US cars built in late 1975?

Now... If I can just get the darn thing working.

Thanks, as always for any info.

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Sounds reasonable. Unfortunately, the PO(s) are unknown to me, so I can't ask.

I was considering a cap from topsonline, but then I would need to cut a hole for the Tii clock. My car also has the seat belt warning light, and I am not sure if the caps are cut for those either. I may just live with the cracks for now.

Thanks again, as always.


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