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Realized I am a parts hoarder... are you?


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I finally decided to get the garage look like a car garage rather than a storage. 15 years worth of Boxes and boxes full stuff that I don't even remember how it got to be so much. Two nights ago, i was in the garage @ 11 pm, enjoying some corona, frustrated on how I am working long hours in the garage and it does seem to be any different that when I walked in earlier. I changed boxes, combined parts in boxes and fill boxes before I added another one, and yet I have to go through one car full of boxes and tools. I am keeping a picture of it all. Finally that night, I saw the light, I REALIZED, SADLY, THAT I AM A PARTS HOARDER!

Part of me says sell all of it for $1.00 and get a dose of realty check and part of me says i did it for the love of working on cars. "I may need that part or this part one day in the future", I said to myself, albeit I only have one project 1600 to deal with.

I will have to do something about it to give me a realty check. Maybe giving away majority of it... or sell it for $1.00. I want my garage, and sanity back.

Are you a parts hoarder ?

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I think most of us are.

It's not always a bad thing, but...when you clear out the space and find out how nice it is to have room to move and work and live, wow!

I finally got our spare bedroom cleaned out. I took EVERYTHING out. Cleaned the carpets, patched the walls, installed crown, new closet doors, painted, the whole shabang. Before I moved anything back into the room, I took stock of what I really wanted in there and how it was going to work. Nothing goes back into the room until I have it sorted and have a home for it.

The end result: I have most of my bicycles tastefully displayed in the room. Framed artwork on the walls. New Elfa shelving to have a home for the heavy use items for my bikes- clothes, shoes, helmet, etc... We even got a new TV for the room and the closet has usable space if a guest came to stay for a day or two. It is amazing.

I have done most of the same project with the garage, but there is more to do. I do at least have my parts stash sorted by car type and a few of the items catalogued. Still more to do in there, but it is usually quite workable in there. I'll break that job into one parts bin or one cabinet at a time.

The shed out back? That will be another project for several more weekends when warmer/drier weather hits. Also, helping my son with his room. Two big items on the to-do list.

One of the tips I picked up along the way is to Assess, Banish, Control. The hardest part IS to Banish those items which we think hold value. A good quote from a hardware store commercial- "Sheds: They're perfect for storing all that stuff you can't get rid of, but can't stand to look at."

One nice thing is that rather than throwing away, you can post your stuff on the FAQ and have a good feeling that it has gone to someone that can use it...or is still a parts hoarder.

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Im a steering wheel hoarder.

Every time I go to the junkyard and I find a coarse spline BMW steering wheel I have to get it, whether it fits my 2002 or not. I have like 7 so far. I also have steering wheels from my old '90 240SX and '89 300ZX and a Momo wheel hanging on my garage wall.

I used to have more, but I sold a few.

My wife says I have a problem.

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I came to the realization that I am a huge parts hoarder earlier this year. I sold my E30 to a kid who was actually excited about the car so right before he left, I took him to my garage and filled the trunk with all the performance parts I was planning to sell. I knew I wasn't actually going to sell them because I never sell anything. Couple days later I called my brother in law over and we filled his trunk with every 2002 part he needed to complete his interior. I don't miss the parts at all but I love all the extra room in my garage.

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Peter Egan says he takes a box of parts, puts the date on it, when the box gets to be a certain age he throws it out without looking in it.


I'll take the (2) boxes labeled "Primo Kugelfischer parts" and "Good Solex PHH carbs" - LOL. Pete Egan's articles always make be laugh.



I still wonder how many OE parts are still out there in BMW dealerships just waiting to be discovered.

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about 5 years ago I gave away a (seriously) pick up truck bed full of 02 parts. Then started over. Now I'm in the same boat. Now I stack it deep and sell it cheap. Then pitch in free stuff to get rid of it. Sold a pair of damn nice doors yesterday for 50 for the pair just to get them out of the shed

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Guilty here.

I have an 8' x 10' shed at home which was completely full of parts, old magazines and tools. For the past year or so I have been slowly selling, giving away and throwing away stuff, so now it's about 50% full.

However, I do have the storage unit in Norcross, GA with the touring and all its parts, plus some extra stuff, and a few more parts stored with the Baur at a friend's house in Deltona, FL. Oh, and, in the company car's trunk, three roundie instrument clusters which I got as a freebie on Saturday with the intention of putting together one nice one..

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