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Tii warm up unit settings ?

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Still trying to set up the warm up unit from cold..I read this on the Jaymic site..

Adjust the large washer plate until you have a gap of 2 to 3 mm's between the mixture screw and the stop

Does anybody have a well defined pic of these 2 points , where they meet ?



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I have successfully done my adjustment based on the information in the MacCarthy book.

The base adjustment is with the engine fully warmed up, rod fully extended. Losen the top nut of the rod, and adjust the washer so that you have 1-2 turns before the washer hits the lever. Tighten the top nut.

Final adjustment is with the engine cold. Start it up and watch the idle. It might be necessary to adjust the washer just a little. Up is leaner, down is richer.

Hope this works for you.

Now, to answer your question, since you have to adjust the gap between the screw and the stop, it is the end of the srew that's closest to the stop.


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