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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

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Driving the 02 to work on Fridays...


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I usually wear 91 unleaded fragrance on Fridays anyone else?

Anyone gets up early and tear the roads (when she is in a good mood) on the way to work on Fridays?

Traffic in LA is now much worse unfortunately. My route to work can be an adventure one day and a nightmare next day. Getting up super early and hitting the road on Fridays at 6 am in the dark seems to do the trick here.

What do you guys do?


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I love having an special day for 02'ing. 6am is a good time too, always feels like a road trip when you leave when it's dark.

I work out of the home now and so don't drive as much as I used to. But a few years back I would drive my blue '73 every day, and make fridays the red '73 day.

Fun stuff.



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I drove my 81 E12 528i to work today, but the last three days, I drove my tii to work. My drive to work is on CA highway 1 in rural Santa Barbara county. It's a great drive and not much traffic on the way into work at 0600, driving the tii puts a smile on my face every day. When I hear stories of 02 owners back east having to hibernate their cars due to snow and salt on the road, it makes me glad that I'm in CA where I can drive my 02 year round.


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Not to gloat, but we have 350 days of sun a year in Tucson! Of course, plenty of them are 105+ degrees.

The other day, my 22 year-old co-worker who drives her "parent's" 2010 E90 everyday sat down next to me, and said "Wow! It smells like woodchips in here!" To which I replied "I bet your car will smell like that too...in 2044!"

Have a great weekend!

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