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April 6th SoCal Drive (warning large pics)

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Despite some untimely car trouble with my 320i and a 1600 cabriolet at the start, the rest of the drive was challenging and went well. We had Chris Keefer from San Diego and Rob Torres of 2002 Haus in San Luis Obispo join us. Good weather, and no slow moving vehicls which didn't pull over sooner or later. (Where were all the trailered dirt bike going anyway?) Ironically a Mitsubishi Eclipse, the only non bimmer in attendance, led the way thru Hwy 33. The 320i held it's own, and I completed the drive without blowing the engine or driving off a cliff. Here are some pics, they are scanned so the quality is rather mediocre...there were many digital cameras there so I am expecting to see many better pictures soon.

Here are the cars lined up in Frasier Park...coming from the San Fernando Valley I wasn't expecting to see snow


Here I am following Rob Torres neat 2002 touring next to a picturesque orchard of some sort.




Here the cars are lined up again...cars visible aer a 2002, 318is, 745i, 2002, 320i, 1600 cabrio, 525i.


Here I have the speedometer pegged trying to keep up. This length of road had the sort of dips on it that one could get airborne on...I wasn't brave enough to try however.

Direct links if you cannot see the pictures:






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Guest Anonymous

We had a good time and shake down run for the car. Was great to hang out and drive, drive, drive the cars! A great group of So Cal owners. thumbsup.gif

Brunch was fun with DM, JF & Co., PC, MM and the rest of the gang. Looking forward to the get together sometime in June/July sunglassescheck.gif

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