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Tii fuel injector "Tecalan" pipe #1 wanted

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I need a new #1 fuel injection pipe for my Tii. Want the original "Tecalan" semi-opaque white plastic hi-pressure pipe. My original #1 pipe is yellowed and I fear getting brittle. Mobile Heritage lists pipes 2, 3 and 4 for about $25, but they're out of stock on #1.

I have a couple used sets....

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Hey Jason, my trusty Tii parts guru!! I'm telling you, if I had room in the garage, I'd just offer to buy your whole car. :-)

I need a #1 pipe. What shape is yours in? Is it yellowing, or does it have any heat dents or nicks?

My #1 is OK, but it's yellowed with age. I just rebuilt the head and K-Fisher injector pump, so I want to freshen up all the pipes while I'm at it. I bought 3 new pipes (#2, 3 and 4) from Mobile Heritage for $25 each, and I want #1 to match.

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