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Correct Verona Color...PPG ?


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See this link:


Click on the first chart. Last item in the chart is 024 Verona 9222, where 9222 is apparently the ICI reference number.

And here's a chart listing Verona as 024 301:


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just be careful. If you want to duplicate the true original verona, there is only one way to do it. Remove the aluminum trim on the b pillar, and you will find the original, unmolested color. You have to either tint to that, or find a formula with an accurate color chip that is close to that color.

If you use the PPG formula you color will be too orange. Last time we painted a verona, we took half the yellow toner out. Paint manufacturers, just don't service these old colors, their formulas have not been revised to take care of their new toners, so you get a translation, from a translation, from a translation.

Largest verona gathering was in SLO 2002 show, these are just tii's, not shown well, but each was a painted a different shade!

2002 Fest West by oxiourus, on Flickr" rel="external nofollow">Veronas 2002 Fest West

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