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Turbo Spoiler Mounting Advice / Positioning...


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Ok, got a good zender turbo spoiler and am looking to mount it on my trunk and am wondering how to do it and where it goes and looks best. I'd hate to cruise up to a rally and get scrooged about it needing to be 3 inches this way or that way... I don't have the mounting screws and it Looks like the bolts thread into the holes from the bottom of the spoiler and the front lip is sealed with 2 sided tape. I'm sure someone here has mounted one before and has a good way to get it to mount flush and look correct. Anyone have a mounting template...?





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check with any BMW or MINI parts dept.

Ask for rear wing mounting kit

Their optional wings are afix using special adheasive-

kit includes special cleaner/primer/activator and adheasive

The wing should only go one way, matching the lid contour

Use 'mild' tape to hold the wing pressed on over night while

the adheasive sets up. Simple

I'll get you part number for the wing glue kit tomorrow

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Make sure that when you do the install that you pay particular attention to the leading edge. The spoilers fit well, but over time if you are not very careful with the leading edge the wind will lift it little by little. CD's suggestion on the "leading edge overnight tape" is, as usual, spot on!

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