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help IDing this cam?


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oops, no, I wasn't clear-

the grind will almost NEVER be cast into the cam, as one blank

often does double or triple duty as multiple profiles.

What you'll find in the casting is a 'Schrick' or 'Dr Schrick'

depending on the era. The casting mark you show looks familiar,

but I'm thinking it's an aftermarket or supplier mark, not the good doctor.

The 292 etched on the nose and the lack of base circle casting really makes

me think it's a regrind.

But that's just a guess.

Sorry for the confusion!


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According to other recent posts, Schrick camshaft designations are hand inscribed on the end. I would think the factory would machine different M10 camshafts from a single billet design, so any ID cast in the shaft would be suspect. I would give more credence to the 2922 written on the end and bet you have a 292, not a 284. Looks like Toby beat me to it.

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Well, lookie there- the core certainly is a Schrick!

So then, the next question is, has it been reground?

That's easy to answer-

measure the lift,

(the difference between the fat dimension and the skinny dimension)

and compare it to


and see what it matches.

I guess 292, but that's just a guess.



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