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Winter refurb - exhaust


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Don't get me wrong, she's a very good runner - I've done 4,000 miles without a single hitch since assuming stewardship from FAQer elementfmfl/Brian earlier in '10, with only regular maintenance performed (fluids/brakes/bearings/etc) - but she has some interesting noises that need addressing. Not least of all was the exhaust.

PO told me she was affectionately known as "the Thunderbucket" on account of the straight through exhaust. I think I have a video clip somewhere that I'll have to share to give you the full experience. How I made it through the summer without a noise ticket, I'll never know, but it sure was fun making that racket and scaring the locals.

She's been under serious scrutiny since the Minnesota winter arrived in earnest a few weeks ago, and I had a stash of parts that I accumulated over summer that needed to be fitted. First up was a header from Ireland, so I tore into the exhaust.

It seems I collected some DNA samples from road kill while driving and that took out the exhaust support bracket. New parts required!




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89e30 - not sure about the rest of the exhaust. I was going "full IE" but read many posts about fitment difficulties. I know IE changed the design and apparently improved quality control recently, but I'm still undecided as I like the look of dual tips. The venerable Ansa could work, or I can clean up my existing tips and graft them onto the IE system.

Bav Auto are selling the Scorpion stainless dual tip muffler, but I can't bring myself to part with $420 for it!

What other center exit dual tip systems are out there?

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the tailpipe from the muffler outlet out the rear of the car on the IE system is a separate and removable section...you can simply toss or sell the tailpipe section and add the dual tip that you have....it will need to be shortened or it may stick out farther from the rear of the car than you like

my understanding is the change made in IE system is no more than changing from 2 center mufflers to 1 longer one

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