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battery reads 10v, but nothing happens


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no, im not talking about my christmas tree...

is 10v too little to start the car? i may be missing some connections, but nothing lights up. not the entry light, not the hazard, nothing.

it seems to me that all the wires are done right. any suggestions?

thanks and happy holidays.

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A fully charged battery, just sitting, should read a bit more than 12.0 V.

When running on a car with a good charge system, and running faster than idle, close to 14. At idle, you may read only about 12 something.

But as mentioned, charge a dead battery on a battery charger, do not jump start the car and expect the little alternator to charge it.

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the money test is:

connect the volt meter to the battery and look



anything lower than 9.6 V and your looking at a new

battery - or try charging the battery over nite and retest

in the morning

this always assumes you dont have rotten + or

- cables, and all othe electrical connections are clean

metal to metal and tight..................... ?

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Guest Anonymous

Costco makes a good one - easily exchanged if it goes bad - Wal-mart also has a super easy exchange program. Both are pretty highly rated in Consumer .

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Your alt. is more than likly the reason your battery is dead. Pull the alt. and take it to your local auto parts and have it tested, and replace your battery. If it"s not a good quality battery and it's 3 or more years old you should replace it just for GP. Interstate and AC Delco I have had the best luck with. Get a sealed battery, therfor no acid leaks on top. One of these batteries (maintence free) with a good charging system should last you at least 4 or more years. I have had Delco's last 5 years.

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