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Car running rich...update...


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So the car was running rich...black soot on the rear of the car...cant drive with the sunroof or windows open...too much exhaust smell in the cabin...I had NGK BP6ES plugs in it....

I bought a set of BP5ES plugs from Mesa performance...stuck them in...the old plugs were a bit dark and smelled life fuel...replaced them..gapped them the same as the old ones at .34. Fired right up and sounded good. Then I grabbed the screwdriver and began to adjust the Weber 38/38. Before when I adjusted it to what seemed leaner...it wouldn't idle properly and would try to stall when stopping. So I turned the screw in(clockwise) on the mixture adjustment for each barrel of the carb until it got rough. i was surprised I had to turn quite a bit...which tells me it was VERY rich...Then set the idle speed...and took it for a spin...seems GREAT. Even in this cold, had the roof open and windows down and didn't seem to get those fumes...We'll see how this works for the next few days, but its an improvement. My initial thoughts are why wouldnt it idle when I did this before? Were my plugs too fouled for it to idle well without being that rich?

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