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dammit she's dead Jim! my '02 died. ideas?

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Guest Anonymous

lately my 1970 stock single-barrel '02 has been acting like it is either running too rich or mis-firing under certain conditions. Then yesterday morning i had to use full choke and 80% throttle to get it to start. Once it was warm re-starting was not difficult, but after it got cold again later in the day it was displaying the same difficulty starting as previously. So far I have swapped out:

spark plugs

spark plug & coil wires

distro cap


and no change in behavior. I'm probably going to do the condensor and then the points, but I'm wondering if anyone has any other ideas? I know I'm getting gas (smells like it at the tailpipe) and timing has not changed one iota (distro is tight and hasn't been messed with since my last tune up 9-12 months ago)

anyone who has ideas please post them to the forums or email me directly.



ps. it's odd that the bmw2002faq site doesn't have points or spark plug gapping info. hint-hint.

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Guest Anonymous

oh I'm definitely replacing the single-barrel carb. Given that this whole shebang just went belly-up and the plugs were nicely fouled I cannot wait to finish building my megasquirt system and install it. megasquirt is a DIY fuel injection kit and with the throttle-boy/injector/intake combo I am putting together I should be getting a nice performance boost out of the bargain.

and no more manual choke!


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