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Goodfellas evo II

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

URL: http://personal.inet.fi/cool/grt

Hi everybody,

Some of you have followed my racing engine project which has been going on almost two years now. Well finally I have got the engine running for the first time! :)) It is now mounted in my other car to do some break in on street. I only got to drive about 50 kilometers with very low rpm's so I can't tell about performance yet. Then we got about 15 cm's of snow again which I'm now waiting to melt.

Anyway the engine is running smooth and feels ok. In a month I will move it to the racer and take it to dyno to be set properly. I will post the results right away.

Thanks to Trent@apex, John Aho, Eero, Benkku, Steve k and all others who have helped me with the project!

Tommy / GoodfellasRacingTeam


JE forged pistons 11,5:1 CR.

Verdi forged rods length 146mm.

Head with hemi chambers modified by myself, new TRW valves, guides, Schrick springs,...

Copy of Schrick 316 cam made of factory 324 deg cam.

Flywheel lightened (now about 5kg), balanced.

Lynx manifold and single Weber DCOE 45 (will be, now during break in I use double Webers) Single carb is due to class rules.

Ignition Crane Cams HI-6.

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Guest Anonymous

Sounds great. Break in must be hell with the amount of cam you are running. Post some pictures. Your build ups are always very informative.


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