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Squish, squish...........oil all over.


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While getting ready to move south and get away from these Minnesota winters, I had to park the '02 outside for a couple days to pack up my spare parts. I went out to start it yesterday, 7 degrees and windy. Fired right up but I could hear this "squish" "squish" sound and I noticed the oil pressure was only about 1 Bar, then the oil light came on. Shut it down and opened the hood. Seal on the oil filter was pooched out and about 2 quarts of oil on the driveway. Not the most fun on Thanksgiving morning, cleaning up toothpaste viscosity oil and freezing my a$$ off.

I run 10W-30 Valvoline racing oil but had a cheap (Wicks?) filter. Replaced with a Mahle filter and topped the oil off and all is well now.

Why did this happen? Cheap filter? Thick oil? Damn cold?

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pressure relief valve, or it stuck closed. In that temperature, a good M10 oil pump will generate 100psi cold. If the filter's pressure relief valve isnt' functioning, it'll blow for sure.

In the early days of 2002s (1968-69), their oil filters weren't available except from the dealer, and my nearest dealer at the time was 45 miles away. I discovered that oil filters for Opels were available at the local auto parts store and fit perfectly. What I didn't know was they didn't have an internal pressure relief valve. I never blew one, but buldged it. When I wrote to the manufacturer (Purolator, I think) they were the ones that told me about the pressure relief valve, and not to use the Opel filter.

There are a few things you never want to Cheap Charlie on your car: oil, filters and brake parts....



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Actually, 2 things happen.

1st, your oil pressure relief valve is sticking. That can give you

OVER 150 psi cold, easily, at 2500. I say over, because it pegs my

150 psi gauge. Also blew the 200 psi safety on my accusump, too,

so it's probably north of 200 at 3500- 4k. Not good.

2nd, the seal on lots of Wix filters isn't pushed down into the groove

all the way. Unless you tighten the SHIP out of it, tightening torque

isn't enough to seat it into the groove in the can. It then will do

exactly as yours did. The straightforward fix is to push the seal into the

groove in the can. It then is positively retained, and can't get loose.

Pathetically, I've done the same thing twice, now...

For what it's worth, I found exactly the same problem on the last

batch of Bosch- labelled filters I got. Amusingly, they're labelled 'Made in USA'

and if you cut one apart, are indistinguishable from Wix in every way.

That said, I can't find any real fault in the Wix filters- they have a little

less area than the Mahle, but have the anti- drainback valve that the

Mahle lack.

My daily's relief valve sticks- I just keep it under 100 psi until it warms up,

and everything's ok.

One of these years I'll pull the front cover and pan and fix it all...

one of these years.


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