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Steel rocker arms for M10


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I got a set of these rockers there heavy but they don't break, and the pads are realy hard I have run them in six races and they look perfect. and there on sale.

Just a heads up I have no affilation



Steel Race rocker arm for BMW M10 / M30 engine.

We proudly present a brand new Steel Race rocker arm for BMW M10 / M30 engine.

The rocker arm has the following improvments:

Broader pad covering the whole camshaft nock.

Longer pad for fit with regrinded cams with smaller basecircle

Made in forged special steel with the best HRC pad.

No more problems with broken rocker arms at M10 / M30 engine.

Only $299 for 8 pcs + shipping $55 Worldwide

Order by replying this e-mail or visit our website for more products



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My engine is a Shrick 336 13.8 to 1 dry sump 50mm throttel bodies it's pretty crazy I rev it over 9000 rpm. I did modifie the rockers to take some weight out of them it was not easy it's like driling a hole in a file they rockwell tested at 62. but these rocker are realy good I have ruined many sets of after market rockers and these have lasted some time and show no sign of failure.




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Nice piece of machine work there, I can only imagine the drilling on anything over 60C, patients.

Did you perform anything other procedures other than the polish on the rib, or a trip back to shot peen, or?

Good looking part even before you rubbed on it, now it is transformed into a race part.

Well done.

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I had a freind drill the holes with a 5 axes cnc machine he used a carbide ball end mill it was realy cool watching him and his machine. He set it up to tap though the case harded drill the center and tap though the back at 12000 rpm. after I used a belt sander to grind the top down these are case harden so once you get though the first .020 it goes fast about 15 min each bare handed so you so you keep it cool with water that way the hardness is not effected.

Kennith from K&M was easy to work with and is know his product well.He also carries a great cam gear that is fully ajustable unlike all the others I have had I can now get the cam timing just were I want it for a change.

Spring preasure I run about 300 over the nose but with stainless valves it may need a little more my valves are titanium.


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Sheesh, I have no idea. They look close, don't they?

The valve adjustment mechanism looks like Nissan,

but that doesn't prove much.

As we hashed out earlier, with rollers it's not only the rocker,

then it's the cam design, too- the slider on an M10

defines how the valve moves in response to the cam profile... not hard to

figure out now with computers,

but in the 1950's, that must have taken many people with

green eyeshades many weeks to calculate the acceleration/

decel curves.

And of course, now with a roller, the ramp angles can be steeper...

I'm still looking for that Ford 16 valve head in the junkyard!


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This was my experience with those twice and two very expensive camshafts. Let along the oil contamination.

I communicated with Perry at Skidmarc not long ago, and he stated the issue with worn rocker pads had been resolved years ago. If you purchased the Skidmarc rocker arms recently and had issues, that would be valuable info for the FAQ members. But if your experience with the worn pads was in the distant past, disclosing that fact would seem appropriate and fair.

With regard to the steel rockers, the KM Cams units appear to be worthy of consideration; and yet, as far as I can tell, you are the only person who's promoting / recommending them. More testing and real-world feedback, please...

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