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318 conversion fuel rail


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The stock intake manifold-pressure referenced fuel-pressure regulator will work fine with any fuel rail, T.B. and injector combination.

The fuel-pressure regulator simply makes sure that the pressure difference between the input and the output side of the injectors is always the same (typically about 45 PSI)

regardless of throttle opening and fuel supply changes, by adjusting the ammount of fuel returned back to the tank.

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The stock 318i fuel pressure was inadequate on my o2. I went with a higher bar. I think I used one from a 528. The 2.0 engine needs more gas then the 1.8. L Jetronic was running lean so that is what i did and it was a great improvement.

d murray ny country

The 528e cars use a 2.5 bar regulator. look for one of a 535,635,735 they are 3.0 bar. also maybe the 533,633,733 cars use a 3 bar. :)

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