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E30 injection on a 2.0


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I have a customer who wants to do the e30 injection swap onto a 2 liter. Has anyone driven a car with this swap? Is it worth the time and money? I read the write up on it and it seems like a straight forward modification, but at 55-60 billable hours (according to the break down on the write up) worth of labor I want to make sure he is going to get good bang for the buck. The plan is to swap cams as well so we can use the e30 ignition.

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Is the E30 a 318? If so it is a pretty common swap. I am doing one now...well gathering parts. FAQ store has the block off and the adapter for the bigger 325i throttle body. I am running a Microsquirt system. Just starting out with the injection only then once it is tuned and running well I will move with ignition control

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