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1969 1600 Black Plate FOR SALE

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Regrettably selling my 1969 1600. completely stock, no rust, no accidents, straight, new stock shocks and bushings, rebuilt radiator, new tires, brakes, battery, carpet kit (stock, not yet installed). Original motor with unknown milage (guess appx 120k), minor blowback on decelleration, needs paint, has a short in the heater....

on EBAY now...check it out!


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The price will be set by Ebay auction, or by a direct offer that exceeds the Ebay reserve price. Make an offer, you have nothing to lose....right?

sorry...i must have misunderstood your original post and thread title that says "1969 1600 Black Plate FOR SALE"....i was unaware that you're only here to solicit bids for ebay...sorry...my bad

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Sorry Esty, I just re-read my reply and it sounded a bit snarky, I didnt mean it that way. The reason that I didnt / dont have a fixed price is that I have no idea how to price the car and Ebay seemed like the best way to determine what it is worth. Please know that I have been on the forum for years, and purchased parts from several other members. My post was meant as a heads up to forum members that the car is for sale, not just an opportunistic solicitation. Please feel free to make an offer or even offer your thoughts on what it might be worth. Happy thanksgiving!


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