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Regarding the plastic fume collector

Guest Anonymous

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The US tiis plastic hose went to the air cleaner so the fumes could be re-burned.

As Scott says, the Euro cars were vented via a metal tube through the trunk floor. In the lower right hand section of the photo below, you can see the silver tube that vents the filler boot to the trunk floor


This is where the metal tube exits the trunk floor through a grommet, This is from a 2000tii touring


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They were saving the environment by running gas fumes through the passenger compartment. As soon as those hard plastic lines start to degrade you have humans breathing gasoline vapors. Well at least it isn't the birds.

Re-route through trunk floor or if you really care about the eco-system, put a new charcoal canister in the trunk and vent that through the floor. There are lots of posts on the FAQ showing how this is done. Search for "charcoal canister".

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There were two schools of thought for fuel line routing.

Inside the car- more dangerous for occupants, safer for the lines.

Outside the car- safer for occupants, more hazard for the lines.

The plastic lines are supposed to be self-sealing in case of fire. I have not tested to see if this is true. My biggest beef with the plastic lines is when you go to push on a new rubber hose at either end. I never feel comfortable putting that kind of stress on the plastic.

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