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Rear View Mirrors


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Not really that easy of a question. If you mean exterior rear view mirrors the spacing for "most" years are the same . gaskets and shoes differ

very early cars had their own unique mirrors that didnt interchange at all

If you mean interior mirrors most pop in place and are interchangeable but some early cars, which im not well versed on were different i believe

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There are some of us who have used a larger 5 series mirror from the e24's. They offer a larger view angle but do require the stem to be modified. The glass angle on the 02 is steeper so the gasket interfers with the mirror fully locking into place. If you relieve the stem (cast aluminum) you can make the mirrors work and they look proper. These are not much larger than the original but do offer a larger field of view. This is for the interior rear view mirror, I guess I forgot to mention that fact......


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via the 2 pegs with the spring between them you can use larger mirrors from E21, E30, E23/24/28. Look for the stem to have the small area with a recess or curved portion cut out of the stem so it will clear the windshield gasket and not need modifying.

The larger mirror will interfere with the sun visors, but gives a nice area of coverage.

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Interior: Pre NTHSA safety mandate cars (66-67) used interior mirrors that were mounted on an aluminum stamping screwed into the windshield header with sheet metal screws. 68 and later cars all used the same snap-in mirrors on a cast aluminum stalk. 2002s had "day-night" mirrors; 1600s didn't. You can fit interior mirrors from E21s, E30s and earlier 5 and 6 series cars--they're larger and offer better rear visibility.

Exterior: 66-late '67/early 68 used a small thin outside mirror that mounted on the very leading edge of the driver's door. The forward mount was a stud that went through the edge of the door skin flange so you could tighten the nut without removing the interior upholstery panel. Sometime in 1968 (probably when they ran out of that style of mirror) they moved the mirror rearwards on the door--same mirror but attaching with two machine screws that fastened to two cage nuts snapped into the door skin. These mirrors will fit left or right side interchangeably; they're not handed.

In 1970 this thin mirror was discontinued in favor of the "trapezoid" mirror--much bulkier. It has a pot metal mount that's screwed to the door skin via cage nuts. The mirror is then held onto the mount with a set screw.

The last years ('75-'76) used a larger rectangular version of the trapezoid mirror (the "flag" mirror" that mounts in the same location and the same method as the trapezoid mirror. Many folks have used this mirror on their earlier cars as it offers a much improved rear view. Also passenger side versions have long been available, while the trapezoid pax mirror was NLA for many years--but I think is now available again. Both of these mirrors are "handed"--i.e. there's a left and right side version.

Hope that helps


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When I got my car I was amazed at the visibility out the windows but disturbed by the puny rear view mirror.

I bought a clip-on mirror from somewhere (it might have been Griots Garage who doesn't carry it anymore). It has spring-loaded fingers that clamp onto the top and bottom sides of the stock mirror. It is secure, attractive, reasonably priced, provides awesome rear visibility and the car can be returned to stock in 5 seconds.

There are 2 drawbacks: if your rearview mirror is loose this will cause it to droop and just like the larger mirrors proposed above, it will interfere with your visors.

This one is very similar if not identical to mine:


Here are a couple that are not like the one I have:



Or you could go this way:


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