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*SOLD* For you E21/E3/E9 owners out there: locking gas cap

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Hey mate, isn't this a 02 gas cap? at least thats what it looks like... does it fit our 02's? If so I might be interested...

Let me know mate.

Take care,


Sorry Bruce, this is what I got from RealOEM:

Part 16111106487 (Lockable filler cap) was found on the following vehicles:

E21: Details on E21

E21 320i Sedan

E3: Details on E3

E3 2500 Sedan

E3 2800 Sedan

E3 2800Bav Sedan

E3 3.0S Sedan

E3 3.0SBav Sedan

E3 3.0Si Sedan

E9: Details on E9

E9 2800CS Coupe

E9 3.0CS Coupe

Now I get to edit my title - so thanks for making me do the research!

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Hey, if you're willing to ship it to montevideo, uruguay I'll take it (of course I'll cover the shipping charges) should be able to fit in a usps small flat rate box...

I have a paypal account, so just let me know...



PS: Just to be certain, it IS the one in the picture, the stainless steel one next to the box in the second picture right?

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That is it in the picture. First picture is the piece in the box. Next picture is of the cap itself and the keys. It is smaller than an 02 gas cap.

I looked up postage to Uruguay, and the cost isn't so much for a small package. I'm willing to keep the price the same, $15 total. I have zero use for this piece, and I just need it gone.

My paypal address is combsdl @ gmail . com.

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The shipping via flat rate came out to $12.78. That was about $5-7 more than for the lower 48 of the USA. So, if you could add a few dollars to cover the excess, that would be great. I'll leave it to you to decide a fair amount. I'm not really that worried about it.

I plan to put this in the mail on Friday. We have ice and snow up here in Seattle, and I'm not sure I can get out. Thursday is a holiday, so Friday it is.

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Hey, I was pretty sure from the start it would be more, and was surprised when you gave me the initial price.

Hope what I sent you covered the difference, I really appreciate the helping hand, I know that shipping internationally requires a little more paper work than local, so thank you!

About the date, don't worry mate, there really is no rush, whenever you can will be ok.

If theres anything I can help you out with from here, just let me know mate.



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Sure mate, just one quick observation, I know the name of the account is Luis

Fernando, thats my dads name (we both share the account), Just be sure to put my name instead of my dads (Bruno Demuro).

Just in case that I have to go and get the package at the post office so that I don't bother him.

Thanks again mate!

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