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Ignition troubles


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So I've installed my new IE mechanical advance diz with ignitor and set the timing.

For the first minute or so of driving, everything's fine, but after that the car gradually begins to misfire and run poorly. After long enough the car won't even idle and can barely drive. In addition to this the tach seems to bounce around and read incorrectly.

I'm running a flamethrower coil(1.5ohm internal resistance iirc) with the ballast resistor attached, and I measured ~14v at the positive terminal of the coil.

Any ideas?

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IIRC the flamethrower I is available in 1.5 and 3 ohms (for V8s and 4 cyls, respectively).

But yea.. I've triple checked every electrical connection in the car.

What's getting me is that this seems to be a time/temp dependent issue. It'd be so much simpler if the car just didn't run at all. :P

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Thx for the replies.

Although the gap was fine, I was able to track everything down to a faulty ignitor module. The car would run, then run worse, then stall, all while smoke came from the distributor.

Luckily enough, I had a spare new in box pertronix ignitor. Installed that, retimed it, car runs great now.

There goes $30 down the toilet. :P

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