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No low beam, turn signals and reverse lights


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Hello everybody. I have a 76, 4 spd. I thought that my drivers side low beam was out so I replaced it with a brand new bulb. Guess what, the low beam still won't light. These are the sealed headlight so you only replace the bulb. Any ideas as to why the low won't light?

Also, today my turn signals, front and rear, stopped working. My emergency flashers work though. In addition, my reverse lights don't light. The bulbs are good.

I appreciate any and all ideas. I only bought the car today and broke down a mile from the house. Time for a carb.

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If your car no longer has the fuse chart on the underside of the hood (upper left with the hood open) then check the 2nd post on this thread:


Even if a fuse is not obviously burned out rotate each fuse in the fuse holder a little - corrosion can built up.

If this does not help, remove the applicable fuses (using the chart above) and inspect each end. They sometimes burn a "donut-shaped" hole on the ends and look fine 'til you remove them.

In all likihood this will take care of your low beam problem, but the other problems may require you to use the Forum Search (above). You will find tons of good info there.

Bob Napier

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Ok, with your suggestions I got the lights, turn signals and reverse lights working. Thanks! I had looked for the fuses under the hood before I posted, but I had never seen fuses like these before, so I didn't realize they were fuses!

Since the car quit last night and I had to have it towed, I have to figure out what is going on. I ordered a new carb, because I know that it needs one. I know that the car is getting fuel into the carb because I can smell it. I guess that I have to check to see if it's getting spark. It has a new cap, wires and plugs.

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