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oil leak fixed...low pressure not so much


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so today i fixed the oil leak by replacing the gaskets on the upper timing cover and sealing with liquid gasket/silicone. problem solved. thank you all for your guidance.

new problem. now that the oil is no longer leaking out, the low oil pressure light is on. it started by flickering at start up and turning off once i got driving down the road. i checked the oil and no loss. i thought it to be a faulty switch and replaced it along with it's appropriate washer. i also checked the bolt retaining the tube above the cam and it looked ok. i started it back up and the oil light flickered on and stayed off for a while, came back on, and then only came on at idle, turning off when i gave it gas. i changed the oil and filter and tried it again with the light staying on with no flicker, regardless of throttle.

whats next?

im thinking ive got to pull the oil pan off and check the pump? any ideas before i tear the motor open?

used 20-50 first 300 miles until the change to 10-30 today. filter is bmw. engine is a fresh rebuild on the 1st tank of gas

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when yiou replaced the oil sending unit, where did you get the new one? Reaon I ask, I bought one 2 years ago and they gave me the wrong spec. The PSI spec was too high so it was always turning the light on.

Tommy is right, get a real pressure reading. I bought a set of equus gauges for $30 at a local store. It included a mechanical oil pressure gauge. You can simply connect it to your oil sending unit location & get your actual reading, and better yet, install it in your car when you get the time. I look at my oil gauge all the time.



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...sure it's not the BATT CHARGING WARNING LIGHT your seeing ??

both can flicker with too low idle speed

oil pressur can be normal at 7 ...10 ...14 psi at hot idle

you need a test gauge to accurately check and avoid unneeded

motor teardown - the light "OIL" light will go out just touching

the gas at 1400 rpm as thats when the pressure builds -

same goes for a lazy charging system.

get a volt meter and oil pressure gauge going

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I bought an oil pressure gauge and of course it doesn't have the proper fitting for the head. Now I've got to find the right fitting to test exactly how much pressure I'm getting.

I bought the engine as a long block and re-rebuilt the motor, installing new gaskets all around and cleaning everything up, as the engine was sitting a few years. I am not certain of the oil pump and believe it to be the culprit. My new plan of action is to find the right sized fitting and test the pressure. Not sure where to find it though. I checked all local hardware stores and autoparts with no luck. I'm also feeling pretty bummed about having to replace the oil pump if it turns out to be the fault in the system. Thanks again to everyone on the site for your help!

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I bought an oil pressure gauge and of course it doesn't have the proper fitting for the head. Now I've got to find the right fitting to test exactly how much pressure I'm getting.


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i've ordered the euro adapter from a local hardware store and should have that in my hands by the beginning of this week. thanks for the link!

its def not the low battery light and my charging system seems to be ok.

im going to get that pressure tester on there asap and post the results before i get that pan off. i am getting some oil up to the head seeing as when i take the oil sender off oil comes out of the opening. not sure if this makes any difference? thanks again everyone for your help and guidance. i can't wait to have my 02 back on the road better than ever.

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well, it's not the whole problem, but 10-30 is way too thin for an M10...

going back to the 20-50 will 'fix' the light...

Does it take any time for the light to go off when you start it in the morning?

If it takes longer than a second, then you might indeed get to pull the

front cover and replace the o- rings on the pressure regulator valve tube...


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