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Auto transport companies


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I am looking for a good auto transport company from Illinois to Oregon. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

Thank you, Ken

Might want to do a search on this one. You are asking for recommendations without giving anyone enough info to help you. Show car or resto candidate? Open or closed? Time sensitive? Shipment integrity important? All are important. All drive the price. It helps if the company you pick is HQ'ed in either the origin or destination so you will have access to them if there is a problem. There are lots of small guys, with ratings, that advertise on ebay. Bill W. on this board, is also in that business. Might want to ask him.
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I believe this has been discussed here many times, but here are a few things regarding the auto carrier companies (at least the ones I have dealt with):

The overall fee to transport a vehicle is not paid to the truck driver who actually delivers your vehicle, they only get a portion of the fee. The main portion is paid to the broker. I was surprised that YOU must select the percentage of the fee that the driver gets. The lower the percentage, the lower the probability the driver will divert from his route to pick up your vehicle. If the car is located close to a main highway, this will increase your chances of it getting picked up quicker.

Be prepared to give the delivering carrier driver the fee in cash.

Many transport companies haul vehicles for "snowbirds" up and down the East Coast. I see a ton of enclosed haulers on my business trips on I-95, I-81 and I-85.

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I am the Ops. Mgr for our company and the owner wanted a car that he bought in Bend brought up to Lake Stevens,WA and FedEx wanted 1300 bucks for it. We have an account with them and spend quite a bit with them, and they would not budge on price.

Shop around, ask Bill Williams. But make sure they are insured and ask for a copy of the insurance certificate to make sure they are currently covered with cargo liability.



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We would be glad to help but we stay mostly on the east coast and we are normally just a bit on the high side due to being door to door, enclosed and have a pretty good rating with one million dollar coverage on what is in the box. All of our equipment is GPS covered and tracked.

Today, I moved a new Lamboghini Gallardo and a Ferrari 360 to Winston Salem, NC.

So far this week, I have moved three Lambos, two Ferraris (360 and a 430) a 1963 Split window Corvette Sting Ray, a Maserati and a new Alfa Romeo Compectione (sp?)

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