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7 hour rally compressed into 15 minute video


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Thanks for posting Glen. Funny the high speed to begin with and then the video is sped up to consolidate it. Cool when you guys get out of the car scurry around and come back. I also like the speedometer and route map. Thought I would see more of the other cars from the rally. But cars get spread out . The way they load the logging trucks back there is pretty haphazard. I kept expecting to hear the Benny hill theme song Yakety Sax in the background.


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... you can do anything with computers.

Surely these law abiding drivers weren't exceeding the speed limit! Why, that would be reckless, unconscionable, and downright preposterous. Giving a fellow member of the FAQ the benefit of the doubt, I automatically assumed the numbers were in kph, and you were driving on a road with a 70 mph limit. After all, it's a speed "limit", not a driving speed.

Safety first.

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You have a sharp eye my friend. And just in case any law enforcement types are viewing this, remember that you can do anything with computers.

Had my wife in the car car the other day:

"Is that speedometer correct?!?!?"

"Oh, No honey..."

"Why not?"

"Well, different rearend, different size tires and the thing is just old..."


"Seriously!, It's got to be off by at least 20-30 mph..." ;-)

"Can it be fixed?"

"Oh sure, but it would be really expensive..." :-)

I did try to keep it under 3 digit's though... However, my son tattled after riding with me later!!...

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I think we have all had that experience. After I put new gauge faces on the Miata I set the speedo needle to read about 10mph too low so when the passenger seat speed governor kicked in I could say,

"Well yes dear I am going a little fast but its only 5 mph over the speed limit."

I don't think I fooled her for a second.

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