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Poll : Talbot Berlin Junior or Senior size mirrors


Talbot Jr or Sr Mirrors on a 2002 vintage racer?  

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  1. 1. Talbot Jr or Sr Mirrors on a 2002 vintage racer?

    • Junior size
    • Senior size

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What would be the better size of the Talbot Mirrors on a 2002 vintage racer?

Talbot come in two sizes and I am not too sure which size suits the car better – Junior size (3-3/4" lens) or Senior size (4-1/4" lens). I'm thinking to install on both doors using a flat mirror for the drivers side and a convex for the passenger side.

Please post your vote for Junior or Senior

Post any pics of either size mounted in the door position of a 2002 - street or racing. Any feedback is much appreciated.

Thx all for your input

Although it is very difficult to tell between the two size I have made some visually-based guesses below.


I am guessing that these are the Junior size – feedback?


Also Junior size?


Same as above


These seem larger = Senior size?


Also large Senior size?

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I have seen Talbot 333s on the hood and the Seniors on the hood. Both look great. the Juniors would require both to be convex on the doors unless you have super human vision. I have Juniors on the driver and passenger side of my 2000NK and they are REALLY small. Both have convex lenses and it makes a difference.

My vote would be the seniors!

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