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Newbie Transmission Question


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I'm new to the forum as well as to 02's. I normally work on old/vintage motorcycles but have always loved these bimmers. I just picked up a 72 2002 Roundie and had the guys at the M Shop in Eagle Rock, CA give it a safety check.

They said that the car is in really good condition but found the following:

- Leaky distributor

- Rear Transmission seal needs to be replaced there is a small leak

- Transmission bushing is worn and needs to be replaced

The car runs and idles great except that since the safety check i've started to notice that the transmission "knocks" when i release the clutch on the 1st gear. It only does this for the first 15 to 20 mins then it goes away. Of course after the safety check i'm thinking that its being caused by the worn bushing or the tranny leak. can anyone confirm?

are both of these something I can do myself? i dont have a rack or anything and just basicu tools. Thanks!

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The driveshaft flex joint (commonly known as "guibo") may be cracking, or the bolts may have loosened. This is common. It is pretty easy to replace, but takes a couple hours. The process has been written up many times on this board.

Another common source of mystery noise is the gear shift mechanism. There are rubber bushings between the shifter platform and the transmission that have most certainly died if they're still original. Go under the car (safely, use jackstands or a lift) and examine the shift mechanism while a helper shifts gears.

Also, there is supposed to be a bracket between the exhaust and the transmission. Many '02s are missing this, but it's pretty important to ensure long life for the exhaust system and to reduce noise. Check that out for loose or broken parts, too.

Good luck.

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Out of the 3 rubber parts that can fail - guibo, transmission mount and donut around the driveshaft center bearing - the tranny mount is the easiest to replace, and does not require removing the driveshaft. Not sure if that's the transmission bushing your tech is referring to.

I had a nasty shake each time I took off from a stop. Motor mounts are new, and no vibration while driving. After replacing the tranny mount last night, the car takes off nice and smooth.


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Thanks for chiming in guys...i think the noise is coming from the transmission mount needing to be replaced. I dont think the tranny is supposed to have any play and I can lift it up and down. Looks easy enough to replace...i think.

Looks like the leak (no really that bad, it aint even dripping on my driveway) is coming from the out put shaft seal. Is this a hard to replace?Leak isnt really that bad and I'm not planning to take this thing to the track or anything, can i postpone the replacement of this or am I asking for it?

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