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turn signals don;t work

Guest Anonymous

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release handle. It's the smaller of the two relays under there (pre 1971 cars don't have the larger wiper relay there) and says something like "Nicht Werfen" on it--which doesn't mean "It doesn't work" incidentallly. They rarely go bad, so check fuses bulbs and sockets first. Also see if your 4 way flashers work. If they do, then the flasher relay is OK and the problem is elsewhere. The steering column stalk can go bad too.



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Check all light and other electical items and see what else doesn't work, and check back. This will help you narrow down the possible causes on a wiring diagram and likely save you alot of time.

Also check all the basics fuse, bulbs, etc. I can't stand it when I spend an hour trying to diag an electrical issue and I forget to check the fuses. Then again, I am an engine guy...

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