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Reverse Lights


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My car doesn't have working reverse lights. It was converted to a 5 speed by the prior owner and we can't find a reverse light switch coming off the transmission. The numbers at the back of the transmission are 245.0.540.00 and 2252.1 and DIN158. Where on the transmission should it go? Link to a parts diagram please.

Also no wires from the body. So, where do the wires from the reverse light switch go into the car and then connect to the wiring harness?

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You won't be able to see it from underneath the car, and it may be pretty difficult from up above as well.

I recently helped my man Grice get his car all wired up and it took some finangling to get my hand into a position where I could hook up the reverse light wires. I went at it from the top through the engine bay.

IIRC, the reverse light wires from the original harness were not long enough and we had to make some extensions for them.



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Is it part no. 8 on this diagram? Notice that the years are wrong.


If so, not clear where the switch goes. You are correct that we could not see it from the bottom. Will try from the engine bay if we know where to look. So the wires would come out of the body from where the gearshift lever is?

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The wires come through the tunnel about half way between the floor and the top of the tunnel on the left side about even with the hole for the shift lever.

The switch is the same for the 4 and 5 speed gearbox but the 4 speed comes in from the back of the transmission next to the shift tower mount and the Over Drive 5 speed comes in from the TOP next to the vent tube (very hard to see and get to with the gearbox in the car). You will have to extend the factory wiring to reach the switch on the 5 speed. The gearbox you are working on is not a 242 it is a 245/5 used from 1980-1983 in the E21 320i.

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