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Carbon Fiber airbox (for boosterless cars only) For sale

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I am in the process of making 3 carbon fiber air-boxes. I forget the dimensions, it is something like 17" long x 4.5" deep x 4.5" wide or so, so it would not work with a brake booster....and I am not sure if it would work without either ( I don't have a booster-less car).

Just gaging interest, i have finished the lay-up on the two sets and am going to trim them and get them ready for bonding together in the next days.

If you are interested let me know and I'll put you on a list. Price would be $200 with a simple backing plate system where you have to figure out the joining of the two pieces, $300 for the system I am working on.

Attached is a picture of a test airbox I made out of fiberglass.





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Here is a teaser of the boxes, I just trimmed them up tonight and wiped them down (the stage you see in the picture). Ignore the red stuff, that is just tooling wax, any blemishes you see in the picture will be taken care of later and not visible. Note, they are in an unbonded state here....so they are two pieces as you see.



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"thats not an m10 engine- thats why your not sure it will clear the brake booster"

Thanks, couldn't figure out what the FORD painting on the valve cover was for.....

Yes, for those who think I have no idea what I am selling, in fact, I do own a 2002, and I do know what Carbon Fiber is.....hence why I have advertised this as a Carbon Fiber airbox which will not fit cars with a booster and I am not sure about cars without a booster as I have not tested this since my car has a booster.

So really, it's only being advertised to those who have race cars with no booster, and only if they want to try it out, really more applicable to other cars out there than the 2002 really.



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If anyone comes uppon this thread and wants one of these, I have 3 nearly ready to go. If you told me now you wanted to buy one, I could finish it up and ship within a week. They come without the backing plate drilled (you drill to fit whatever velocity stacks / our mounting you have or want), backing plate to airbox mounting is by either Velcro or clips with elastic bands (sounds hokey but works well and isn't a pain like fasteners or big clunky clips like other airboxes out there)

Price is $350, these are nice and lightweight!






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