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OT: Looking for a '95 M3...

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

This is pretty off topic for the 02FAQ board, but I recently

totalled my daily driver truck and am looking to replace it with

one of the car's i've always wanted....a '95 E36 M3 (don't

worry...I won't turn into one of those pricks who bickers on the

roadfly boards about how much faster my M3 is than this or

that M3). So does anyone around here know of any good

resources for finding used Bimmers? I'm specifically looking

for a Silver/Black '95 M3 coupe(no ugly luxury package!) with

less than 80,000miles. Someone please help! I've been

looking for almost 2 weeks now (both locally and online) and

haven't found a single car that fits my criteria. Need to find

one ASAP! TIA!

Alvin Caragay

BMWCCA# 156055

'72 BMW 2002

'89 BMW 325iX

Looking for a '95 M3!

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Guest Anonymous

hi alvin,

take a look at bimmerforums.com. i know that there were killer deals the last time i looked at the car classifieds. another good place to look is turner motorsports' site (www.turnermotorsports.com). dtmpower.net also has a good classifieds section.

hope this helps. enjoy the hunt!


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Guest Anonymous

...I was actually looking for a Silver car with a Black interior. Way too many Black M3's running around out there....seems like 80% of the M3's I see either on the road or for sale are black. Hmm...Thanks though...

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