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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

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Selling 1975 Malaga Carb -- $6500OBO

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Hey guys,

I've been trying to sell this car for the last couple months ever since we moved to Portland and I bought another car. I keep dropping the price and *almost* moving it, then nothing, so I'm kind of in last-ditch mode, because I've already bought another project car and am ready to move on. I don't like the idea of it just sitting. (Although, of course, I'm starting it up and taking it out every couple of weeks.)

Anyway, I can give lots of details, but since this is BMWFAQ and you guys know more than I do, here are the things that it needs:

* New Exhaust (Ireland Engineering had been out of stock for months, so I've been waiting for the stainless shipments to come in. Works fine, but it's loud.)

* Dime-sized rust spot under rear seat mastic that I took down to the metal and wheeled out, rust-morted, and plugged. I don't think anything else has to be to done here, but it's important to disclose it, I think.

* A new steering wheel might be nice, or a cover. The leather is starting to flake.

* Steering gear box likes to leak oil over time, so it should probably be replaced or resealed at some point.

Other than that, I've spent a lot of time and money getting this car into shape and I think it shows. I'm upwards of $10k into this car already, but it's become very clear that I won't be able to get my money back out of it, so at this point I'm just trying to cut my losses.

Recent work:

* Brand new Weber 32/36 (I screwed up the old one in a rebuild.)

* Fireball Ignition

* Was ported and polished years ago by Dave at 2002 Restorations, who has been this car's main mechanic since the '80s.

* Rota RB Wheels (Gunmetal) with Falken tires with less than 5k miles on them

* Rebuilt center console with Dual MP3 + USB CD player

* New Car Smell (Won't Last Long!)

I'm on the West Coast and would be willing to deliver this car for a modest additional cost pretty much anywhere on this side of the country. I've taken several thousand-mile road trips in this thing and would be happy to give it one last send off.

If you're in the Portland, OR, area, I'd be happy to show it to you in person, but obviously serious buyers only.

For FAQ members I can be flexible on the price within reason.

Pictures at this Flickr gallery:

This was my daily driver until a couple of months ago and is a solid car.

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