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Weber 38 Carb Adjustment...again....


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Ok..so my car runs nice and smooth..good power, now flat spots...but it runs rich. I lean it out and it starts to idle rough...any ideas? When I adjust it for best idle...its too rich. I am tired of cleaning the back of my car. I also am getting lots of exhaust fumes into the car now...where I wasnt a year ago.

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Is the carb new? or rebuilt? Also are you sure your timing is not moving around some? Those symptoms are also indicative of timing issues. I had these problems and have a dist at advanced dist getting a comlpete rebuild....all new parts.

The syptoms you are having is also the reason I am moving towards getting EFI. I just get tired of carbs after a while. There is a reaosn they went to EFI, dependability, ease of maint and driveability.

Just my opinion

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Guest Anonymous

....and make sure your local gangbangers didn't put an ounce (or more) of 2 cycle chain saw oil in 'yer tank. That puts the soot onto the exhaust pipe and makes her miss' like nobodys business. Don't ask me how I know, Pulllllleeeeze......

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