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TEP oil pan baffle problems


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I have been getting nothing but the run-around from Top End Performance about my installation of their oil pan baffle in my 2002. I found out too late (after I installed my subframe) that the hole for the dipstick tube is not in the correct position. The photo (from their website) shows the baffle exactly how it was welded into my pan (there isn't much leeway for positioning due to clearance with the crankshaft and oil pump). The photo clearly shows their baffle with a hole for the 320i (E21) dipstick. The white oval is where the hole should be for the 2002 dipstick (according to my '71 engine block). My dipstick access hole is definitely between the third and fourth oil pan bolt holes.

It has been suggested by TEP that I did not weld the plate in the correct position or that my engine block was not original. We have sold this baffle "for over twenty years with no 2002 installation problems." Has anyone on the forum installed this baffle in their 2002 and what was your experience with dipstick access? The fix for this seemingly simple design flaw is going to be extremely laborious. Thanx--Jim


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If you are taking a survey, my 02 dipstick hole on 2 blocks is just forward of the 3rd hold, That puts it between the 2nd and 3rd bolt hole and would be approximately where TEP has it. One block is my serial no. match to the chasis and can vouch for it. The other I bought and was from a 76.

I have a 79 2L block sitting outside under cover, but did not check it.

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Shove someting long and pointy down the hole dipstick entrance, drill a new hole problem solved. Not ideal, but hardly worth getting your panties in a bunch over.

As with all things that are not stock, sometimes you're bound to be that one guy with the one problem that the part just doesn't work for right out of the box. When you findyourself as "that guy" just deal with it, especially when you're talking a 10 minute fix.

I may be twisted, but I actually find solving these little issues with customization kind of rewarding. I can't count the number of things for these cars that you just have to do a little creative engineering to come up with, enjoy the challenges, especially when they are small ones!


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I had thought that the distinction was between models (2002 vs. 320i), but it looks like the location of the dipstick might have had more to do with the EGR systems used. The dipstick flange was molded with the bracket for the air pump--which moved the position of the dipstick further back.

Thanx for your suggestion BigDog but I had already thought of making a hole but changed my mind. The baffle is made of stainless and mounted at an angle--punching or drilling a hole would be extremely difficult. And I think it would be foolish to risk adding all those metals filings to the bottom of the oil pan--even with a magnetic drain plug. I will go without the dipstick for now and devise a method to monitor the oil level.

My complaint with TEP is that they were not direct in offering an explanation or offer any remedy (another baffle?), even tho it is apparent they didn't do their homework. If I had received (which I didn't) their install instructions, I would have at least known about dipstick issues.

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