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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

SoCal Vintage is Here! 

Post your photos!

Remember the "looking for a small wagon" thread a


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months ago?

After looking a a wide variety of 60-67 Falcons, Novas, Valiants & Darts, Volvos (both 122s and 145s), a couple of diesel Benzes and a mixed bag of other stuff, we finally wound up with an Ermine White over Medium Aqua 66 Nova.

Between my natural tendency to buy low on the initial buy-in curve (and a complementary tendency toward buyer's remorse when I don't) I can't escape the suspicion that I could have gotten a better deal on another car, but as my ever-supportive spouse keeps telling me, "it looks presentable, and it's got good bones".

As an original 283 V8 car with a 350 swap, it's a bit more of a hotrod than I intended to wind up with, but it also has a LOT of upgrades that I'd wind up doing anyway (aftermarket lower control arm kit, rack & pinon steering, 200R4 overdrive automatic, new 10 bolt posi diff with new heavy duty axles, Vintage Air a/c, new carpets, & seat, door panel and headliner upholstery, alloy wheels, new windshield, most of the body seals replaced, all new floors, subframe connectors, etc).

The 2.5" stainless exhaust (LOUD) has GOT to go, and sooner or later the 350 will be replaced with a mild, aluminum head 283, but at least I've got a utility car back.

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Guest Anonymous

Congrats Barry - Glad you found what you were looking for.

Now get a small trailer and keep getting BMW parts for us at PnP.

I did see the original CL add and it is now removed otherwise I would have copied the pictures. It is a good one. Mild resto rod.

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weeks ago, and still getting all the various app's reloaded - gotta get the digital camera's download software reinstalled and reload office so I can store downloaded photos.

In lieu of photos, it's Ermine white (inexpensive repaint) over Turquoise green, bench seats with new upholstery, door panels and carpets, recent matching headliner. Partial de-trim (not done right, unfortunately - a lot of the holes were just bondoed over, not welded shut), good chrome and glass.

Unfortunately, the PO also made some questionable modification choices, most notably WAY overcarbureting it with a Holley 670 cfm "Street Avenger" carb, Edelbrock "Air Gap" intake manifold, and the 2.5" id exhaust system on an essentially stock 8.5:1 260 bhp 350 (a 350 cu in engine at 5,000 rpm only moves about 475 cfm). In my past experience, Holley 4 bbl's tend to be at their best at or near WOT, and aren't so hot for small throttle opening, low speed around town driving - in addition, the Air Gap manifold is designed to start making power around 1500-2000 rpm, so it doesn't idle well, runs richer than hell, and only gets about 15 mpg under the best of circumstances.

Step one will be to backtrack to a much more modest Edlebrock Performer intake and 500 cfm carb, then downsize the exhaust system to 2" duals. Had that basic combination on my 65 El Camino (close to a 1000 lbs heavier) and regularly got 20 + mpg on the freeway.

Near term projects include disc front brakes with 2" drop spindles, getting the floor of the spare tire will replaced (a patch panel came with the car), adding a 3rd row seat, and (before it gets warm next spring) getting the ac sorted and a light tint on the windows. There's a ton of detail stuff to do, but I think it'll turn out well.

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