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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

SoCal Vintage is Here! 

Post your photos!

OFF TOPIC but WOW! 733 wagon!


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Trust me, since you live in CA, you don't want to import a gray market car into CA unless you have real deep pockets to pay for smog testing. If you bring in a gray market car from out of state and try to register it in CA, The CA Air Resources Board (CARB) will treat your car like it came off the boat from another country. AMHIK! Here's my horror story of dealing with CARB when I brought in a gray market car from out of state. http://www.firstfives.org/carmonth/may2009.html I would rather have hot pokers in the eyes than deal with CARB again. If you live anywhere but CA (and smog testing isn't an issue) I would say go for it if you want a aftermarket E23 wagon. Just check for imported Euro rust.


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My DD is a 5er wagon and I must say--I love this thing and I want it. Per the VIN shown by the auction house, it is a 6/80 production 735i. Interesting.

here are some pics of the same car "back in the day" compared to now. Awesome 02 taillights!


Chassis number 7432544

Vehicle code 6841

Series E23

Model 735i

Body type saloon

Catalog model ECE

Production date 1980 / 06

Engine M30

Transmission Automatic

Steering Left

Catalyzer NONE

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Hi guys -

I'm the guy who writes that blog...

I just got an update on this car. A reader wrote:

Re: 733i Touring - I saw it because I am with one of the creditors with liens. It is in ok but very neglected shape and looks like it has been just sitting. The guy who is losing it is this fellow I believe http://www.mass.gov/obcbbo/9686.htm

If the auction goes off, always questionable with bankruptcies especially one for a lawyer, the bids aren’t final till they get approved by the court and trustee. They have to pull out enough to cover the creditors or they can ask for a redo or assign directly to the creditors in some circumstances.

Who knows?

I've e-mailed the auction company trying to get more info and to view the car in person. I'll update the site with any info I get.



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I have myself dealt with california's twisted smog requirements. I had a 79 Mercedes 280e euro. It was a complete blast to drive... until I had to smog it. It's acient smog system from 1985 proved to be a challenge to use but in the end we were able to make it pass smog on a regular basis and I sold it. One of the only non-BMW cars I ever regret selling


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Hi again,

I received a few more pictures of this car and posted them on the site this afternoon.





PS - I have no affiliation or financial interest in this car. I just find interesting cars and write about them. If someone from this forum buys it, I'd love to get more pics and a detailed description from you.

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