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IE Exhaust note test and Deceleration smoke out


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Disclaimer..I am not an expert and have done the impossible...cracked a pressure plate bell so read with the greatest of caution....

Man I think almost every 02 I have been behind does just that. But I can assure you they did not do it from the factory. I have a new rebuilt motor and head(all new parts) and I get NO smoke.

My previous motor had about 100k on it. I could smell the oil burn on decel but could never see it. I tried just rebuilding the head but that did not help. I was using a quart of oil every 500 miles or so also. I got tired of the smell and decided to get rebuilt.

It appears to be a combination of two things. During those hi rpm you get high crank pressure. Then on the decel you get some near negative vacuum and taadaa you hit the gas and burn some of the sucked in oil. Crank pressures get high and forces oil past the guides a bit, also you are possibily getting blow by at the rings. I could see this with my car because my oil got carbon rich pretty quickly.

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..... no , " homeopathic " would be adding

a can of Marvel Mystery Oil to the oil AND gas tank

and driving like hell non-stop for 200 miles

and then changing the oil and filter, and

then repeating the long high-rpm down-hill

off throttle test...................


Born in Chicago in 1923, Marvel Mystery Oil was developed to combat deposits on carburetors caused by poorly refined gasoline of the age. Marvels popularity soared as word spread of its effectiveness in treating all types of engine ailments and was used extensively in WWII on everything from airplanes to battleships to tanks. Today, Marvel Mystery Oil provides vehicle owners the ability to solve scores of automotive ailments with one product that can be added to both oil and fuel.


* rub some on your cats rear-end and watch him GO!

• Marvel Mystery Oil® lubricates the entire fuel system-fuel pumps, fuel injectors or carburetors and the top portion of the cylinders. These are areas, that by design, motor oil does not reach. Using Marvel Mystery Oil in your fuel extends the life of these vital components by providing them with lubrication that fuel alone does not provide.

• Marvel reduces and prevents varnish and gum build-up, two key contributors to robbing engine performance. When you shut off your engine, a miniscule drop of fuel is left at the tip of the fuel injectors or carburetor jets. This miniscule drop off of fuel then solidifies into a varnish type residue. Over time, the accumulated varnish blocks the openings of the injectors or jets, contributing to lower performance and fuel economy and shorter life of these components.

• Spark plug life is also extended by using Marvel in your fuel. It creates a cleaner burning cylinder environment that reduces carbon build-up on spark plugs resulting in better firing plugs that increase performance and durability.

• In addition, Marvel Mystery Oil® improves fuel mileage by reducing internal friction in the engine.

• Marvel should be used in the fuel at every fill-up. Use 4 ounces for every 10 gallons of fuel.

Note for Diesel Fuel Users - This diesel fuel additive does not comply with federal low sulfur content requirements for use in model 2007 and newer diesel motor vehicles.

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A PCV would add negative pressure to your crankcase, which would help prevent the manifold suction from pulling oil past the rings or guides.

Your setup will work, you just need to add the PCV between your catch can then hook it to your manifold instead of the atmosphere.

I'll post a pic of my setup when I get home.

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Gonna try the PCV for cheap thrills.. I'll report back.

I butted the iPhone up to the back of the car and shimmed it against the bumper with a wad of tape, to get the angle correct, then taped across the phone on the bumper. Then I ran a length of tape from the end of the phone that was away from the car up to the license plate holder to suspend it. This had the bumper tape and the license plat tape pulling against one one another for stability.. Then I tapped the screen to focus on my hand and off I went!

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