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Week one with Jenna at home


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We have all been adjusting nicely to having Jenna at home for the past week. It is really quite a thrill to have her home, have her being a mom again full time, etc. I've finally gotten the apartment into decent shape and things are fairly well organized. There is more to do but for the most part we are good.

We have someone coming in to stay with her while I am at work and she is getting physical, occupational, and speech/cognitive therapies. She also has a team of doctors we are getting established with (neurologist appointment today in fact). She herself is doing well although her memory surely lags at this point. She has asked me several times "when do I go back?" meaning back to the refab center. It is my great joy to tell her, "NEVER!" with a great big smile on my face.

For now, Cooper still goes to day care after school (at the school -- the day care room is right across the hall from his classroom in fact). Soon however we are going to have him take the bus home and be with her from 3-5ish until I get home from work. The only complication there is that technically the attendant care person who is there with Jenna is there *only* for Jenna, so it would be Jenna's responsibility to watch Cooper, with supervision by the attendant care person. We are taking this part slowly and I am going to have the psychiatrist and other clinicians sign off on the idea before we make the change.

We are all excited and happy to have her at home.

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