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BMW 1600 Wiring Woes 6v

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I bought that 1967 beauty last week and have been slowly working out some issues the car has. When I bought it the 6 slot fuse box was corroded up, and nothing worked. I cleaned it up and got the rear back up lights turn signals and rear parking lights to work.

I have been cleaning every ground I see. For the life of me I can't get the horn or headlights to work. I put a test light on the wiring to the horn and there is current. I even tried touching the brass ring to a ground bolt on the steering column and still nothing. It is an aftermarket horn. Is it time to order a new horn????

My next issue is with the headlights. They will not go on at all. I put a test light on them and I get nothing.

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The horn may have a small tension-type adjustment on it, for tone. Anyway I'd try introducing voltage to it and smacking it with a screwdriver handle (or the like) at the same time.

Check the high beam switch on the column too. If that is out, you'll have no headlights.



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1968 was the official change from 6V to 12V. I know since my car has been in the family since original purchase that Mine was never a 6V. The wiring diagram for a 12V doesn't match. My wiring matches the 6V diagram, but has all 12V components. Both 6 volt and 12V had 6 fuse systems.

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