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VW Jetta distributor hall sensor in a 318i distributor


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good point.. It might be important to mention it's for megasquirt. The only different between distributors is to make sure you get one that matches your cam's gear. some 320i are the reverse direction.

I plan to cut off all but one tooth of the sheild for megasquirt purposes.

So can the Hall sensor be run thru say a megasquirt system and the system fire 4 coils?

What is the difference between he 320/318 dist and an 02 dist?

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The late E21 dizzy spins the wrong way, so the mechanical advance has to be locked out.


Or you could just condition the VR signal into a pulse.


This is not brain science, nor rocket surgery.


Nor is it crank- triggered.


But it's kinda fun.


Or you could just stick a pertronix module in there...



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Use the 318i dizzy. all the ecu needs is a "home" signal from the dizzy in addition to the data provided by the crank triggered wheel.  No reason to over complicate the issue. Another option is mounting a sensor in the timing chain upper cover and triggering it using a standoff from the camshaft timing chain sprocket. 

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Let me say it again, here:

 The 318i distributor turns the wrong way.  So the centrifugal advance will work backwards from

what it should.  It will retard spark as revs increase, rather than advance it.  And that will suck.

I suppose you could then compensate for that in the timing map, but it would be more accurate AND easier to lock it out.



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