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Hello - new member, really basic question


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Hi folks - I have recently been given a '75 2002 from my father and had it shipped to its new (former) home in California.

The car runs great! Sure there are a million little things that I will need to slowly address - but nothing immediate.

I have a really simple question about something that I noticed being very different from my last car:

is anyone else having difficulty pumping gas into their car? The vapor lock pumps here in the bay area make it really tough to fill the car up without getting gas everywhere.

Is there any trick to it? Or some kind of adaptor that people have found useful to make the gas flow into the tank when there is a giant rubber gasket around the nozzle?

thanks in advance!

- Tim

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Welcome. The problem is not the car but the pumps in the bay area. It is a well known problem with no apparent solution yet. I just filled up today at the Shell station, and it took me about 10 minutes, but no spill. I had to trickle fill the gas. There are some pumps that work better than others, and there are some that simply don't work, it is trial and error.

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yep. its a real pain. there is a chevron station in oakland on grand that i try to refuel at- their nozzles work a lot better (i.e i can fill up marginally faster), but there is no chance of using the "autofill" functionality of these modern gassing stations. i normally sit down, and search for that zen place between my usual tardiness to work, hand/forearm muscle tension, and how many times i can make it all the way through the loop of useless information spewing forth from some lcd monitor on every pump. they always promise traffic info, but never ever deliver...

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this is sad. I was hoping for a really simple answer implying I was doing it wrong. Bummer!

well, I guess I will have to join the ranks of the slow-drip gas pumpers. The shame is that the car starts to idle rough if it has less than a half tank - there is some crud in the tank that makes it this way - so I find myself at gas stations every 6 gallons or so. Thats a lot of slow pumping!

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